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Fitness, Health, and Academic Achievement

Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln wants every school child to have the best foundation for a successful life. We began working with the Lincoln Public Schools in 2010, focusing on increasing fitness levels and decreasing obesity rates to help children live longer, healthier lives, and do better academically.  Aerobic fitness has been shown to strongly correlate with performance on standardized academic tests, as well as having extensive health benefits for students.  In fact, physical fitness has a strong correlation to long-term health and may be more important for health than weight itself. With Lincoln Public Schools, we help test and track the fitness of children in Lincoln to identify trends and challenges to learning.

Afterschool Programming
The Community Learning Centers (CLCs) use the Lincoln Public Schools as a hub to bring students, parents, neighborhoods and others to provide the necessary resources which assist in removing barriers to student learning, development, and wellness. CLC partners provide core program components: before school, after school and summer opportunities, parent engagement, health services, behavioral health, neighborhood activities, and much more. Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln oversees the AmeriCorps program within the CLCs to promote wellness and healthy weights through good nutrition and physical activity.

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