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The Malone Center's Maternal Wellness initiative offers a wealth of programs dedicated to combating the inequities and disparities in Black infant and maternal health with a focus on decreasing Black infant and maternal mortality by increasing breastfeeding rates through education, empowerment, support, and improving access to health resources.

Malone’s recent Milk Share program that facilitates the sharing of breastmilk has seen incredible success since its launch in February this year.  The program served 22 families in the Lincoln and Omaha communities. Malone received 3,326 oz of donor milk and delivered 2,912.75 oz, averaging six deliveries/pick-ups a week. The recipient families included those with foster infants, adoptive parents of a newborn, multiple families with low milk supply from either previous breast reduction surgery, previous cancer diagnosis, or blood pressure/depression medication, and more.  Malone looks forward to expanding this essential service.

Malone also hosted several outreach events this year, especially during Black Breastfeeding Week.  Highlights include:

  • Annual Birth & Baby Fair included 12 community vendors sharing their resources with families, a breastfeeding panel with lactation professionals and families in program, bounce house and games, and distributed over $5,600 in giveaway baby & parenting essential items to the 40 families who attended. Many of the families who attended were able to sign-up for services and resources in real time, and left with an abundance of handouts from vendors like Bryan Women’s Clinic, Morningstar Counseling, WIC, Healthy Blue, and many more. Malone Maternal Wellness signed up seven new families to programs from this event alone!

“I truly appreciate all of what everyone at the Malone Community Center does for our community, thank you for all your hard work. I hope to see you there next year!”- Audrey Bach BSN, RN, C-EFM, RNC-OB, Childbirth Education Coordinator, fair attendee.

  • Evidence Based Birth ® Comfort Measures for Labor and Delivery Nurses training at Bryan Hospital, where 17 individuals attended, built relationships between Malone doulas and Bryan hospital staff, explored non-medicated comfort measures and how to implement them, and continue Malone Wellness Program efforts to work collaboratively with medical teams.

To date, of 55 families who have graduated from Malone’s breastfeeding support programs, 100% have breastfed for 3+ months, 94% have breastfed for 6+ months, 58% have breastfed for 1+ year, 11% have breastfed for 2+ years, demonstrating the effectiveness of the programs.

For more information about Malone’s Maternal Wellness programs, visit their website, or contact Jillian.