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Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln receives the majority of funding for our initiatives through national and local foundations and health organizations including:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has awarded Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln major multi-year grants since 2014, including the Partnerships in Community Health (PICH) grant and the Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH) grant.


Community Health Endowment of Lincoln (CHE) works to make Lincoln the healthiest community in the nation. To achieve this vision, CHE invests in health-related projects and programs and convenes the community around important health issues.  CHE has provided ongoing funding for Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln initiatives since 2010.


The mission of
CHI Health St. Elizabeth is to educate, heal, and provide resources for the planning, development and implementation of new healthy community initiatives. 
 Beginning in 2010, as part of their commitment to building a healthier community, CHI has provided Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln with an annual gift in support of our health initiatives.



The Nebraska Department of Education has provided Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln funding since 2016 in support of our school wellness program, WeCook.  WeCook promotes physical fitness and teaches at-risk youth and their families how to cook simple, healthy foods and learn more about gardening. 



Thank you to our all donors for helping to make Lincoln a healthier place to live!  If you are interested in supporting Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln, please visit our donation page or contact us at