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September 2014 - MilkWorks

MilkWorks, a non-profit community breastfeeding center in Lincoln, is committed to creating a healthier community by helping mothers breastfeed their babies.  For the past thirteen years, MilkWorks has offered a wide range of support services, including classes, mothers groups, clinical consultations and breastfeeding supplies, to give infants the best start in life.  In 2013, MilkWorks was identified as a model program in the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Guide to Effective Strategies to Support Breastfeeding Mothers, a component of their national obesity prevention campaign.

 MilkWorks Executive Director, Ann Seacrest, recently served as a break out session speaker at the United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC) conference in Arlington, Virginia.  While continuing the USBC focus on the implementation of the U.S. Surgeon General's Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding, the conference placed special emphasis on developing adequate capacity and a strong commitment to racial, ethnic and cultural equality in breastfeeding support.

 Acting U.S. Surgeon General Boris Lushniak addressed conference attendees and highlighted the need to overcome barriers in the work place, change public perceptions, improve information and support services, and adequately implement the Affordable Care Act and its inclusion of breastfeeding support as a key element in preventive health services for our country.  Lushniak concluded his address by offering his prescription for a healthier USA:   "Walk more, cook more (eat real food) and breastfeed more."

To learn more about  the many programs and services that MilkWorks provides to families, health care providers and the community at large, visit, or stop by 5930 South 58th Street in the Trade Center.  MilkWorks is open seven days a week (Monday - Friday 10 am to 6 pm, Saturday 10 am - 4 pm and Sunday noon - 4 pm).