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Our Mission

Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln ( is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health, wellness, and fitness of communities, thousands of people at a time.

We collaborate with other organizations on joint projects to improve health by increasing physical fitness, promoting good nutrition, and supporting breastfeeding.  We partner with clinics and healthcare providers to better patient health outcomes through improving processes for outreach, preventative care, and chronic disease management. During times of public health crises, we provide evidence and science based education and advocacy to protect community health.

Our Values

  1. Health: Improvements in the health and well-being of all.
  2. Relationships: Working collaboratively with community organizations to maximize resources.
  3. Community: Achieve equity and reduce disparities.
  4. Integrity: Evidence-based interventions are evaluated to ensure measurable outcomes are achieved through efficient use of resources.

Our Focus

We work to help people live longer, healthier lives by:

Investing in and nurturing high value health and wellness projects until they are self-sustaining. We assess community health needs, develop responses and partner with effective organizations to deliver them.  We nurture these projects until they can sustain themselves.

Facilitating wellness change. We work to effect sound, evidence-based health and wellness policies through community legislation, and through school, healthcare provider, community organization, and workplace practices.    

Decreasing the community cost impact from obesity-related chronic diseases through nutrition, fitness, and wellness advocacy in school, childcare, healthcare provider, workplace, and community center environments. 

Increasing life expectancy by collaborating with healthcare professionals to improve patient outcomes by standardizing and streamlining clinical practices, promoting preventative care patient outreach, increasing cancer screenings for early detection, increasing vaccination rates, and improving chronic disease management.  

Protecting community health by providing evidence and science based information during public health crises like epidemics and pandemics.

Evaluating health initiatives.  We help organizations prioritize and gauge the success of their health initiative efforts, to reach the best possible community health outcomes.

Engaging the community.  Through public events and programs, we initiate and work with our partners to actively involve our community in health, wellness, and fitness activities.

Collective Impact

We initiate and also partner with others on projects to benefit the community’s health. We work with existing private and public organizations to cooperate and share resources increasing the reach and effectiveness of our common health goals.