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Recent, Ongoing Projects
Protecting Community Health

Clinical Quality Improvements
Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln works with community primary care clinics to develop clinical quality improvement initiatives to improve the health outcomes of patients in Lincoln and the surrounding area.  The project works to standardize processes, measurements, and tracking to improve patient outreach, preventative care, and chronic disease management.  Current initiatives focus on early access to prenatal care, cancer screening, diabetes control, and adult health quality.

Community Health Workers
Community Health Workers (CHW) help address health disparities within Lincoln’s cultural communities and medically underserved neighborhoods.  Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln provides full or partial funding to hire and train health workers in several Lincoln cultural centers. 

The CHWs bridge gaps between local safety net clinics, Bluestem Health and Lincoln Family Medicine Center, and communities served by the cultural centers.  CHWs provide breastfeeding, nutrition, and physical activity information, education, and support.

Vaccine Access and Promotion
Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln provides financial and programmatic support to our non-profit partners to help the communities they serve protect their health through accurate information and access to vaccination. We provide partial funding for vaccine coordinators who offer information, education, and access opportunities to help the individuals and families they serve to be vaccinated against COVID, Influenza, and childhood diseases.

Flu and COVID Information and Vaccination Support 
Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln provides evidence based information about community health issues, including influenza and COVID, through web site resources and public health messaging campaigns.  The campaigns are focused on medically underserved communities through a variety of media like digital internet ads, social media, TV, radio, billboards, transit, and print. These are just a few examples.