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The mission of Wellbeing Initiative, Inc. is to empower individuals living with mental health and substance use challenges to reach their fullest potential. Wellbeing Initiative (WBI) strives to do this by cultivating communities through training, education, and opportunities for success.  Their Wellness and Education Centers are places to do just that.

The WBI Wellness and Education Centers had grand openings for their Lincoln location in October 2023, and the Nebraska City location in February 2024. Wellbeing Initiative, Inc. is partnering with Region V Systems to open 3 additional satellite centers in the 15 rural counties within the Region V service area in the coming months. The centers are innovative spaces where people in the community are invited to learn, grow, move and connect by participating in a variety of groups focused on supporting individuals’ overall wellbeing. The environment is warm, welcoming, safe, and inclusive. In these spaces, people find support and connection, and feel a sense of encouragement and engagement.

The classes and groups offered are facilitated by Certified Peer Support Specialists who also have specialized training. The groups are centered around supporting the whole person on their path of wellness and recovery, and meeting each person where they’re at on their own individual path.

Programming at the Wellness and Education Centers are focused on building up people’s resiliency, capacity, and toolbox of whole health supports. Individual’s and their and health and wellbeing are multi-dimensional, and the centers offer space, education, and a community that supports all dimensions of a person’s wellness.

All of the offerings in the centers are strengths-based and recovery-focused, and are developed to be a positive and uplifting support for individuals and for the community. The centers are also places built to meet community needs and welcome input about types of classes that could be beneficial to the area. It is a space that is ever-evolving to meet differing community needs and ideas, while being a steady place for people in the community to find connection and support.  Future plans include holding community events such as art shows, health fairs, and open mic nights.   

Some of the offerings at the Wellness and Education Centers include:

  • Computer lab
  • Yoga
  • Health coaching
  • Open Recovery
  • Neurodiversity Support Group
  • WRAP
  • SMART Recovery (Self-Management & Recovery Training, fresh approach to addiction recovery)
  • Physical Wellness and Nutrition
  • Co-Reflection for Peer Support Specialists
  • Studio, Group and Board Room rental space

Find more information about the center on their website.