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Governor’s Wellness Awards
Helping Companies Follow the Evidenced-Based Model

WorkWell, a division of the Nebraska Safety Council, provides wellness resources to organizations to help employees achieve optimal wellbeing. With a membership of over 100 organizations, WorkWell helps companies of all sizes, industries, and cultures experience success on any budget by following the evidence-based model of worksite wellness.

WorkWell has supported the Nebraska Governor’s Wellness Awards since its establishment in 2008 under Governor Dave Heineman. The Governor’s Wellness Awards is a tiered recognition to encouraged all business in Nebraska to offer health and wellness programs for their employees based on company size and advancement. Governor Pete Ricketts has continued to support and recognize the efforts from businesses across the state.

The Governor’s Wellness Awards follows the evidenced-based model for program advancement.  Twenty years of published literature supports four major areas that are essential to a wellness program.

- There must be strong leadership support and engagement in wellness programs.
- Companies must collect data to know their company risks.
- A written plan with measurable goals and objectives and interventions such as supportive policies and environments to make the healthy choice the easy choice.
- Evaluation of plan metrics and other pieces of company data such as health care utilization, absenteeism, productivity, morale, and worker’s compensation to name a few.

Companies receive recognition for three years where they are eligible to then reapply for the same level. To date, approximately 300 companies across the state have won award.

Need help starting or advancing your companies wellness initiatives? Leading Wellness 101 is a three-part training for new and growing professionals tasked with wellness at the workplace. This training is designed to help companies build a strong foundation for their wellness program and implement the evidence-based model.  WorkWell will host their next Leading Wellness 101 Training August 9th at the Nebraska Safety Council. This training is free for WorkWell members and a small charge for non-members.

For more information and to register, visit our website and click on event registration or call 402-483-2511.