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Getting Active in Your Neighborhood

Use your neighborhood map to find low and no-cost places to get moving, like parks, playgrounds, and trails.  But you don’t have to go to a park or trail to get active.  If there are places in your neighborhood where you often go, try walking, running, biking, or skating to them instead of going by car.  

Want to know how far your favorite neighborhood destinations are from your own front door or explore alternative routes to your everyday places? Checkout Google Maps online and enter your home address and the address of your destination to find your answer. You might want to bike to some and walk to others.

For a fun and family friendly way to explore your neighborhood, try a game of Scavenger Bingo! Choose from kid, teen and adult bingo cards or pick a from a variety of neighborhood cards to explore your own or a different area in Lincoln! Download cards from our Neighborhood Scavenger Bingo page.


Download 8.5" x 11" neighborhood activity maps below: